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We're committed to recommendations that reflect your unique realities and complexities. Our team will put the tools & methodology in place so you can focus on innovating & solving problems, not on solving the challenges of teamwork.

Our Team

Megan Hoelle


As President and owner, Megan Hoelle oversees strategic planning, operations, sales, and marketing. She’s passionate about building a company where people at the top of their game provide outstanding service to customers doing extraordinary things. She’s dedicated to ensuring our Atlassian services provide lasting value with tailored solutions that address the unique challenges our customers face.

Before embarking on the journey to build HyperVelocity, Megan helped start Intersections International, a non-profit dedicated to forging common ground in New York City as the Director of Communications. She also led account management in the Los Angeles office of Blue State Digital where she designed and executed community mobilization and fundraising campaigns for clients including Stand up to Cancer, GODIVA, and the University of California San Francisco.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

When I worked in advertising, an Australian celebrity fitness personality was trying to launch her brand in the US. We needed to get 500 people to sign up to try her online wellness program for free and we came up with a campaign that ended up getting 1000 people to sign up within the first hour we went live. So many people were excited to have the opportunity to do something to improve their health, and that was really rewarding.

What you love most about Atlassian tools?

I’m addicted to Kanban boards. I’d be lost without them.

Fun fact about you?

I used to perform with an Improv team in NYC.

Favorite candy

Peanut M&M’s

Justin Leader

CEO and Chief Architect

Justin Leader provides technical and strategic counsel on DevSecOps tools and Agile processes to some of the largest and most complex organizations, including the US Air Force, Dell, Capital Group, Disney, Electronic Arts, Bank of Canada, and The Home Depot. He leads engineering and service delivery at HyperVelocity and has spoken at Atlassian and Agile events, including at interactive entertainment, finance, and government events.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Cornell University and a Masters Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He values working with a talented team and building long-term customer relationships based on integrity and trusted partnership. Justin is also a father to three young children, a partner to Megan, and is his cat’s second-favorite adult human. 

Favorite software?

Zynga’s Boggle with Friends (previously Scramble with Friends). It has probably the best sound design of any casual game, or any piece of software, ever. Making words is fun, making them with a world-class sound designer behind you is like being a rock star.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

How to automate the weekly migration of Jira data between two air-gapped classified networks. It’s awesome, and involves burning a DVD.

Fun fact about you?

I’ve helped Gates McFadden with her laptop.

Favorite candy


Jack McAlpin

VP of Sales

Jack McAlpin helps HyperVelocity clients operationalize and scale Agile software tools and frameworks to accelerate productivity, collaboration and value creation. He focuses on customer-centric solutions that drive ROI. With over a decade of experience leading successful technology startups, Jack is a results-driven leader with expertise in building relationships and driving incredible revenue growth and new technology adoption. During the course of his career, Jack has worked with clients including Disney, AT&T/DirecTV, Warner Bros, CNN, HBO, Comcast/NBCUniversal, Google/YouTube, Apple, Netflix, Symantec, Riot Games, Viacom & Microsoft.

What you love most about Atlassian tools?

The endless possibilities for customizations, automations and integrations. And more importantly, seeing how these efficiencies can improve the morale and performance of Agile teams.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

Provided the ultra-high-performance data storage solution that 20th Century Fox Studios used to produce the world’s first Studio Feature Film in 6K resolution, David Fincher’s neo-noir thriller, Gone Girl.

Fun fact about you?

I was named after JFK.

Favorite candy

Kit Kat

Andrea Hoelle

Operations Manager

Andrea Hoelle has a passion for details and incredible ability to track all the moving parts involved in navigating new customer onboarding, procurement processes and Accounts Receivables/Payables. She brings exceptional customer service and positive attitude to all her interactions with customers. Previously she worked at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry as the Senior Exhibition Tour Manager coordinating the loan of exhibits to other museums all around the country. Before that she was a Book Production Manager at the National Geographic Society.

Favorite software?

QuickBooks, because it makes my job so much easier and accurate in all matters of accounts receivable and payable.

Fun fact about you?

I spent my summers on a ranch and rode horses every day in Eastern Oregon.

One thing you love to do when you’re not working?

Play with my grandsons!

Favorite candy?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Katina White

Director of Operations

Katina White has worked in Operations and Customer Services for over 20 years in a range of companies from Fortune 100 to startups.  Having worked with IT companies for the majority of her career, she is able to understand company needs and translate them into actionable initiatives and outcomes.  She possesses an enormous amount of hands-on, practical experience that creates strong customer bonds and skillful, sustainable outcomes. Katina never shies away from a challenge, and her desire for continuous improvement has led to certifications in various applications and technologies.  She has also served in the military as an Army medic, which instilled a deep sense of compassion, discipline, teamwork, and loyalty.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

I worked at SprintNextel in the early days of porting telephone numbers Since all of my customers had at least 250 phone lines, the porting process was a nightmare, and customers were always super frustrated. Through trial and error, I figured out a way to do port implementations so that no issues occurred. My process became used throughout the organization, and I won an “Ah Ha” award for creatively using existing processes to make thing better for customers.

Favorite past job?

My favorite “job” was my time in the military. I loved the camaraderie, the discipline it instilled in me, and being pushed to my limits both physically and mentally.

Fun fact about you?

I’m a top photographer on Google Maps, and my photos have over 1 million views.

Favorite candy?

I love jelly beans and Mike and Ike’s. I’m a sucker for a hard candy exterior and a sweet chewy filling.

Dean Schaffer

Principle Consultant

Dean Schaffer has over 26 years of experience working within the IT industry and has a proven track record of driving digital transformation and Agile adoption by applying best practice using suites of tools to bring out the best for his clients. Dean has over 7 years of experience training teams of all sizes across a variety of industries. Through understanding the needs of users, he designs effective courseware that exceeds expectations.

Most memorable customer challenge solved?

The biggest challenge with a client I have ever had was aligning one of the three biggest banks in South Africa with their new SAFe journey and the Atlassian tools they had in place. They had been using Jira for several years but wanted to have the tools reflect Scaled Agile and the new way of working. It was a massive project and required a year and a half worth of training to bring the users on board with the new way of work. I managed to get it all together and they are still using it to this day.

What do you love most about Atlassian tools?

The flexibility and adaptability of most of the Atlassian toolbox. It is rare that I can’t find a need for the tools in any given situation.

Favorite past job?

Assistant Manager of B Dalton Book stores. I was surrounded by books!

Favorite candy?

Most chocolate from South Africa; Cadbury Whole Nut specifically. I don’t know what magic they use over there, but it blows away most other chocolate I have tasted.

Justin Kuta

Senior Atlassian and DevSecOps Engineer

Justin Kuta has worked with Fortune 500 customers across multiple industries to install, configure, and integrate Atlassian software to meet their enterprise level needs. He’s led a wide range of projects from migrations, merges, upgrades, analysis, performance tuning, advanced configuration, and customization with Atlassian tools.  He’s also worked on a variety of scripting projects with customers to optimize the automation of various tasks in the Atlassian environment using groovy and Script Runner.  Justin enjoys writing documentation and training materials to share knowledge and document novel techniques.

Favorite software?

Script Runner. It opens the doors to do some wild customization to Jira. Without this plugin I don’t think the Atlassian tools would be as popular as they are today.

What you love most about Atlassian tools?

The ability of customize Atlassian tools to no end. No two instances are ever the same.

Fun fact about you?

I am the proud father of a corgi and husky / lab mix

Favorite candy?

Sour Patch Kids

Andrey Kozynets

Senior Atlassian Engineer

Andrey Kozynets is the kind of engineer everyone wants on their project. He has very wide and deep experience in Atlassian feature development and scripting, with a specialty in complex data migration. During the five years he’s worked with HyperVelocity, Andrey has worked on many of our most complex enterprise clients, including film studios, finance companies, and biotechnology. His optimism and upbeat approach is a pleasure to have on any project.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

The biggest challenges i’ve come across lately have been when I’ve had to migrate Jira projects along with some add-on data that cannot be migrated out of the box. So some individual custom code had to be developed for each of those cases. Just recently I had to do this when migrating XRay add-on data along with Test Runs, Test Executions and Test Plans. Its a great feeling to be able to help a customer migrate data they didn’t think they would be able to take.

What you love most about Atlassian tools?

I sometimes see a new customers ask “how can we do X” and they find out that they can do what they wanted, and even more, and it is even more convenient then they thought it would be – this is the “wow” effect. And I love seeing that.

Fun fact about you?

I don’t eat berries :). Most of them.

Favorite candy?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

John Romano

Senior Agile Coach

John Romano am an experienced Agile Coach and Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and gaming industry for over 10 years. He has a passion for helping transform organizations and the people within them. An experienced Agile Coach, John guides executives, leaders, and teams through definition and implementation of business and enterprise agility. SPC certified offering SAFe SM, PO, DevOps, Teams and LPM courses.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

Once I took on a very troublesome development team that was high energy but not very productive and using the agile tools and mindset we were able to uncover the real impediments in their work while keeping their culture intact. It wasn’t an easy hurdle and took months to reach fruition but, in the end, the team grew and their output was exponential comparatively.

What you love most about Atlassian tools?

The ability to bring an inventive and orderly process management system to the very chaotic and inefficient business world.

Fun fact about you?

I absolutely adore music and it is my third language, I can communicate to someone via sharing songs.

Favorite candy


Michael Adelson

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Michael Adelson assists customers with license procurement and discounted Atlassian licensing. He focuses on making sure that clients have all the products that they need and understand their purchasing options while maintaining their budgets. He also creates customized Atlassian services offerings that allows customers to to get the most out of their investment in the Atlassian stack. Michael strives to create a wonderful customer experience with quick response times and thoughtful input.

Before joining HyperVelocity, Michael ran sales and marketing for a small internet service provider on the eastern shore of Maryland. Michael provided high-speed internet to thousands of customers who had previously had access to only satellite or ADSL. Michael values getting customers what they need to be successful.

Favorite software?

Slack is my favorite professional software because it integrates so well with other tools that I use like zoom and google calendar.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

Being able to provide someone internet who had previously had none, they sent me a bushel of crabs to express their gratitude.

Fun fact about you?

I have built multiple computers.

Favorite candy?

The Haribo Peaches are my favorite! They bring back childhood memories of eating them with my dad and my sister.

Caroline Hall

Atlassian Engineer

Caroline Hall is a certified Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence Administrator with experience providing solutions for diverse industry organizations, including the Department of Defense and United States Air Force. Specializing in process optimization, she has excellent communication skills and works closely with customers to identify their needs and design improvements. She loves what she does and the people she works with. Above all, Caroline is eager to help and offers strong analytical and organizational skills, including the ability to adapt to a dynamic project environment and handle multiple projects simultaneously to help our customers.

Favorite software?

Fitbit. I’ve been on a fitness journey recently and Fitbit allows me to track my process. Fitbit allows me to see my day-to-day statistics such as calories burned in my workout and how well I slept. I can also challenge my friends right along with me.

Most memorable customer challenge you solved?

A client needed their entire team trained on Jira and Confluence right away and I was able to pull together several hours of training and a workbook for the users to work through and meet their deadline, even though it was last minute. I have a fear of public speaking, so I was able to overcome that challenge for myself as well.

Favorite past job?

Camp Counselor for Easterseals which is a non-profit organization for kids with disabilities.

Favorite candy

Anything sour!

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“HyperVelocity was responsible to provide around-the-clock support to our global organization which was crucial to our software development teams.”

- Travis Ly, Senior Software Development Engineer, Dell Technologies

“We are seeing major benefits from our Agile transformation and the 6 scrum teams are really defining a new paradigm for how we work.”

- PMO, Dashlane

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