Our Process

Each of these phases has several key tasks and objectives. But every organization’s cloud migration is unique – there is no one-size-fits-all template.


This being the start of your journey, we’ll dive in and assess your needs and requirements, and decide together the best time and manner to migrate to the Cloud. We will analyze your marketplace app landscape, and start onboarding your migration team. 


Once we fully understand your destination, we will start planning the operational and tactical aspects of your migration. This is where you’ll choose the right migration strategy and method for you, and we will create your project plan and timeline.


While your migration strategy is taking shape, we recommend that you start preparing your site and users for your Cloud migration. At this stage, it is important that Jira and Confluence be in a supported version, and you clean up your users and your data,  so it’s all ready to migrate. Don’t worry, we can also help with this.

Build and Test

Okay, now we have a strong plan in place. It’s time to start the hands-on work of adapting our migration methods to your specific combination of needs and applications, and then running test migrations. This is an essential part of the implementation that ensures your production migration goes without a hitch. At this point, this is also a good time to prepare your team’s training materials, if needed. We want everyone to be used to life in the Cloud. 


You are almost there. Once all testing has been done, we will pick the target date for your production migration. We’ll deploy the migration and work with you hand in hand during the deployment! 


Yes, congratulations are in order. You are now up and running in the Cloud. Your users will now have access and the guides and training to set them on a successful path. Many people will of course have questions, and we can work with you to get those answers.