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Transform your team into one that evolves, excels and paves the way for breakthroughs in your industry. With the right planning and customized training, we can help make your Agile Transformation a success.

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Agile Services

  • Agile Assessments

    HyperVelocity’s Agile Assessment services help organizations evaluate their Agile readiness and business agility gaps as well as plan transformations and pilot programs. Our advisory and assessment services provide valuable guidance on Agile strategy and planning for your organization.

  • Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scaled Agile (SAFe) Trainings

    Our training classes provide engineering, business and management teams the strategies and tactics to deliver business value faster. We can customize our training curriculums to support your unique business realities and stakeholder complexities. Educate your entire organization on the value and practices of Agile to maximize adoption and ROI.

  • Agile and Scaled Agile Coaching

    Transforming and/or scaling Agile requires paradigm shifts in the methods of thinking and working at organizations. HyperVelocity’s Agile coaches help organizations to embrace and enhance Agile frameworks and practices to make transformations successful.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Research shows that successfully implementing Agile Scrum can result in a 200% to 500% increase in team productivity. And beyond increased efficacy, Agile teams are more flexible, work together towards unified goals, have higher morale, adapt to meet customer needs in real time and generally produce better quality work on budget.

Technology Support

  • Atlassian's Jira Align connects business strategy to technical execution for Scaled Agile Framework teams.

  • This flexible implementation of SAFe inside of Jira presents best-in-class technology for fast implementation of SAFe in Jira.

  • BigPicture supports Agile (SAFe®, LeSS, and more), Waterfall/GANTT, and Hybrid methodologies, which makes it a go-to solution for organizations undergoing agile transformation.

  • Utilize amazing technology to view the information hierarchy in your Jira in new and incredibly useful ways. Great for program and project management, as well as executive and product management.

  • Atlassian's Advanced Roadmaps provides excellent resource management and timeline abilities.

  • Connect the Atlassian tools and the rest of your productivity and devops tools to understand your value stream and overall business metrics with a silo-busting tool that will provide transparency at every level.

  • Miro provides a pandemic-friendly remote solution for brainstorming, planning, PI and Big Room Planning sessions, as well as collaborative diagramming.

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“We are seeing major benefits from our Agile transformation and the 6 scrum teams are really defining a new paradigm for how we work.”

- PMO, Dashlane

“Everybody was happy with the work and value of HyperVelocity's participation and deliverables. They trained us on everything we needed to know, always answered our questions quickly, and got the job done. They obviously know their stuff!”

- Scott Kruger, Program Manager, Global InfoTek

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