Welcome to HyperVelocity's Team Spotlight

This is the first of HyperVelocity's Spotlight Series where we will highlight our exceptional team and their accomplishments. As a professional services firm, our ‘secret sauce’ is our people. We’re really proud that great people want to work here, and our customers want to work with them! Here is a some details about one of our great teammates.

Spotlight on Caroline Hall,
Exceptional HyperVelocity Team Leader

Caroline has recently been promoted to Senior Atlassian Engineer and Team Lead, after her two-year anniversary of joining HyperVelocity. She is managing a technology team centered in San Antonio, Texas, of six people that supports Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence for thousands of US Air Force globally. Additionally, she manages the team that services Atlassian Data Center and Cloud instances for one of the largest entertainment companies in the world.

Caroline has grown up around technology, and has a knack for talking about it with people. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up, she had a close family member who taught her how to build and manage computers. She was hooked early. After High School, her family moved to Colorado where she earned an IT degree from a Community College. With the combination of challenge and helping people directly, she was sure IT was the right career choice. She spent 4 years in IT and eventually learned to manage a Jira Service Desk serving military clients. From there, she was recruited to join the Atlassian Platinum Solution team at HyperVelocity.

Justin Leader, the CEO of HyperVelocity says "we are fortunate to have Caroline on our team, and her customers and teammates go out of their way to tell us – frequently! – she's an amazing partner. She brings the rare combination of technical excellence and the capability to work with customers at all levels of seniority and expertise."

Here are what some of her clients and team members have to say about Caroline:


"Caroline has the rare quality of being a great communicator with a high skill set. She enters all Atlassian issues with a comforting and grounded approach. She is indispensable to our company and that’s the way we like it."
Scott Kruegar, our client, Global InfoTek

"When Caroline is on a job with me, I have no concerns. It doesn’t matter if we are working with stakeholders or fellow technicians, she is always there to help and take care of the action items quickly and efficiently."
Gary Nguyen, HyperVelocity Consultant

"Caroline is my mentor. She recruited me to HyperVelocity because we enjoyed working together at the Air Force. I owe Caroline a lot."
Kirk Shultz, HyperVelocity Consultant

The last word:

And finally from Caroline: "I am so grateful to Justin and Megan for hiring me and always being there for me. I feel like I'm part of a family here. We all work together and rely on each other to get things done. They always take time out of their extremely busy day to ensure their employees are recognized, just like this blog. I'm very grateful for them."