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JIRA, for all your wedding planning needs

By Megan Hoelle
Managing Director

Planning a wedding can be one of the most collaborative projects a couple can undertake (second only perhaps to having kids). It’s a ton of work and has a lot of moving parts. The fun part is picking out the colors and cake, after that the details can start to get overwhelming, especially for the novice party planner (and let’s face it, most brides haven’t planned a party for so many people before). So what’s the budget-conscious, yet highly organized bride to do? This bride turned to JIRA.

There are a slew of niche wedding planning tools available online. But just like most single-purpose task management systems, the features, interface, and experience just couldn’t compete with a well-configured JIRA project. It certainly helped that my fiancée (now husband!) and I were already using JIRA in our daily life.  However, even if you don’t both use JIRA for your day job, the tool is easy enough to learn if even one of you is already using it.

Wedding Project Business Requirements Document

Obviously, we needed a place where we could organize our tasks and keep our core team on track. First thing we did was get our broader team on board, so we invited Emma, our wedding planner and Dianna, our graphic designer to join our project. Then we had a quick brainstorm to generate some user stories for the tools buildout:

  • As wedding planners, we want a way to organize the tasks into major efforts, so that we can ensure that we have an exhaustive list of necessary tasks.
    • Examples: Guest parking, our son’s nanny’s schedule for the weekend, seating assignments going out via SMS
  • As the team, we need a way to request feedback from the product owners, Justin and Megan, so that we can then iterate on the work.
  • As the bride, I need a way to show Justin all the decisions I need from him by level of priority so I can get his input and communicate it to vendors on time.
  • As the groom, I need to track what feedback tasks I owe Megan are about to violate the agreed-upon SLA.

Justin quickly made a wedding project, so we could keep these tasks separate from our other personal tasks we were already managing in JIRA. Then we made a backlog of everything we imagined was part of planning a wedding and started assigning various team members. Emma to call the caterers to check availabilities, pricing and Yelp reviews. Dianna to start designing the Save the Dates. Justin to get fitted for his tux. And on it went. A major benefit to using JIRA for us was that Justin already lives in JIRA day and night (for both personal and professional tasks), so he didn’t have to go somewhere else to know he needed to review the final photographers I’d selected.

We tracked our wedding work in a Kanban board:

We also knew that JIRA would be the right collaboration tool for our longest-running (and favorite!) issue, WED-6:

We are both big trekkies, so our wedding theme was “Two Captains. One Destiny.” We had a vision, but it required a lot of back and forth and a lot of file uploads. The ability to collaborate in a tool that was easy for our graphic design to learn allowed us to go back and forth on the multiple iterations we needed. 

In the end, we designed the perfect save the date for us, and like the rest of our wedding, it really reflected our personal style. We couldn’t have done it without JIRA!

We were married on October 9th and promptly followed our amazing wedding with an equally amazing 2016 Atlassian Summit at the lovely San Jose Convention Center.


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