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HyperVelocity Consulting Joins the Atlassian Experts Partner Program

We are excited to announce HyperVelocity Consulting is joining Atlassian’s Experts Partner Program, signaling our dedication to delivering incredible experiences with Atlassian products. Atlassian products are the de facto standard for unleashing the potential of software development teams worldwide.

The Atlassian suite has been at the core of our tools services since its inception – increasing the performance and quality of the teams they coach using the powerful combination of Agile Scrum and the Atlassian suite, including JIRA Software, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

Our whole team is celebrating our addition to the Experts Partner Program. Managing Director Megan Hoelle explains, “Our relationship with Atlassian enables us to extend our services across the entire software development lifecycle, providing seamless, end-to-end coaching and implementation services for Agile methods and best-in-class collaboration tools. In addition, we’re now able to sell licenses for Atlassian’s products and offer discounts on participating Marketplace Add-Ons.”

For those just being introduced to HyperVelocity Consulting now, we’d like to give you some background and history! We are headquartered in Los Angeles and serve clients locally in Southern California and Enterprise clients globally. We provide clients in fields such as enterprise technology, biotechnology, interactive entertainment, and e-commerce with customized Atlassian solutions for their unique teams along with implementation, training, and full-service Agile coaching.

Our CEO Justin Leader’s first encounter with Atlassian products was during his previous experience as a project manager in the video game industry. “Teams were spending way too much time waiting for assets or information, developing features that had been de-prioritized, or working in their particular silo without collaborating. I knew something had to change.” He became a certified Scrum Master and brought in JIRA Software, the #1 software development tool used by agile teams, to help his team get organized. From this initial experience his passion was born for bringing the tools and methods HyperVelocity deploys today to delight teams across the country.

“To maintain their competitive advantage, companies are increasingly looking for soup-to-nuts solutions to supercharge their team’s performance, which is why so many of our clients combine our Agile coaching with the Atlassian products. Ultimately, it’s the synergy between the methods and the tools you provide a team that makes all the difference.”

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