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HyperVelocity Gives Back with Pledge 1%

We’re civic-minded people here at HyperVelocity. We recycle, give to charity when we can, all that good citizen-of-the-world stuff. So when we were given the opportunity to join the Pledge 1% movement along with our partners at Atlassian, we jumped at the chance. What’s this Pledge, anyway? Pledge 1% is beautifully simple: donate 1% of your […]

JIRA, for all your wedding planning needs

By Megan Hoelle Managing Director Planning a wedding can be one of the most collaborative projects a couple can undertake (second only perhaps to having kids). It’s a ton of work and has a lot of moving parts. The fun part is picking out the colors and cake, after that the details can start to […]

Agile Training Quality is Key to Agile Scrum Transformations

Getting the right Agile Training for your team is essential to the success of your Agile Scrum Transformation. HyperVelocity Consulting suggests these resourcesTeam Training and Corporate Agile Transformation: HyperVelocity conducts customized Agile Transformations for teams and corporations. Learn more about our Agile Training and Transformation. Scrum Master and Product Owner Certifications: HyperVelocity highly recommends learning from Mike […]

Best of JIRA Add-Ons: Configuration Manager

Next up, we’re featuring Configuration Manager, the ultimate deployment and configuration automation tool. This add-on allows JIRA admins to capture project or system configurations and automatically deploy them on other JIRA servers in minutes — saving thousands of man hours. Why we love it! Once we’ve implemented customizations for companies, they often want to deploy […]

4 Problems Caused by Bad Information Management

Information management may seem trivial; after all, you’re focused on delivering the best version of your product. But if you’ve ever worked with poorly managed tools you may have felt these familiar frustrations. Here are four major problems that can crop up when you’re using the wrong organizational methods. 1)Inconsistencies in Performance It takes a lot […]

Best of JIRA Add-Ons: eazyBI

We’re kicking off a blog series about JIRA’s Top Add-Ons, featuring the Add-Ons we think bring the most value to our clients. First up, we want to talk about eazyBI, a powerful add-on that facilitates powerful reports, charts and dashboards within JIRA. Why we love it. JIRA power users will often reach the end of the […]

HyperVelocity Consulting Joins the Atlassian Experts Partner Program

We are excited to announce HyperVelocity Consulting is joining Atlassian’s Experts Partner Program, signaling our dedication to delivering incredible experiences with Atlassian products. Atlassian products are the de facto standard for unleashing the potential of software development teams worldwide. The Atlassian suite has been at the core of our tools services since its inception – […]

Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 is finally here!

Clients have been asking me for years how to best use JIRA to coordinate large, multi-team projects. Atlassian’s Portfolio for JIRA add-on is best suited to this, but never before has it been so feature complete. Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 gives product and project managers the tools the tools they’ve been looking for to get better visibility across all teams […]

Sprint, Sprint, Sprint. No breaks between Sprints.

David Sabine reminds Agile teams of something that is often overlooked: pretty much everything can be done within the sprint, and taking a “break” between sprints is asking for trouble, in most cases. There are a lot of reasons teams usually assume are good reasons to pause a sprint: “Some of the team is on vacation.” “Winter/New […]

Agile Scrum Terms 101: User Stories, Epics, Themes

A lot of people seem to have a bit of confusion between three of Agile Scrum’s basic terms, namely “user story,” “epic,” and “theme,” mostly because they’re all closely related but each have their own specific implication. I figured it would be helpful to break them down one at a time, to make sure that […]

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