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Agile Training Quality is Key to Agile Scrum Transformations

Getting the right Agile Training for your team is essential to the success of your Agile Scrum Transformation. HyperVelocity Consulting suggests these resourcesTeam Training and Corporate Agile Transformation:

  • HyperVelocity conducts customized Agile Transformations for teams and corporations. Learn more about our Agile Training and Transformation.
  • Scrum Master and Product Owner Certifications: HyperVelocity highly recommends learning from Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software. His course availability is listed online, and it’s worth a short trip to learn from the best.

Wherever you get Scrum Master and Product Owner training, we always recommend that you consult with a Scrum Coach before doing an Agile Transformation in your organization. It’s always harder to clean up a failed transformation than it is to do it right the first time!


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