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4 Problems Caused by Bad Information Management

Information management may seem trivial; after all, you’re focused on delivering the best version of your product. But if you’ve ever worked with poorly managed tools you may have felt these familiar frustrations. Here are four major problems that can crop up when you’re using the wrong organizational methods.

1)Inconsistencies in Performance

It takes a lot of time and skill to design an information management system that works well for every team in your organization. Methods that are easy for some may be a hassle for others. If you’re seeing one team struggle while another soars, you should investigate how your information management tools are helping or hindering each team’s unique goals.

2) Confusion about the Bigger Picture

Many teams have difficulty explaining how their work fits into the larger product roadmap. This is a big problem because it leads to silo mentality. Luckily, this can also be addressed through better information management. Designing processes with an eye toward the bigger picture can improve both a team’s understanding and their morale.

3) Inconsistencies in Organization

It’s a fact of life – backlogs happen! When they do, it’s wonderful to be able to send in help from another team. This becomes difficult when you lack a division-wide organization standard. Perhaps one team organizes tasks by user function, another by development order, and yet another by engineering components (server, UI, or security).  Add in many levels of hierarchy and it can become overwhelming to impossible for another team to jump in and lend a hand. By having a clear, consistent organizational structure you can save time when teams are backed up and you need it the most.

4) Difficulty in Reporting

Another consequence of the problems we’ve discussed already is that reporting can become a pain. It’s difficult and often cost-prohibitive to build reports for each team’s divergent systems. Different systems make it tough to create combined reports to help team members see progress on shared work, or understand the product as a whole.

If any of these issues sound like your organization, don’t distress! We’ve helped many teams (large and small) develop the perfect information management strategy that does away with these pitfalls. With the right tools in place, you’ll soon have happy teams doing stellar work.

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